We craft memories


Celebrating the precious moments of life with jewelry that give meaning is our true calling.

At Furryosa™️, we go the extra mile to create highly personalized memorial jewelry with love, care and special attention to each piece we make.

Our goal is to capture that unique feeling, memory or special moment in each bespoke piece and turn it into something beautiful that can be worn and enjoyed forever.

We pride ourselves on having highly talented jewelry craftsmen, each of whom are dedicated to creating individual Furryosa jewelry piece by hand from start to finish.

We use a mixture of traditional techniques, modern technology and highest quality craftsmanship to ensure our jewelry will be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime remembering your loved one or your beloved pet.

Since 2014, we’ve captured over 50k customers life moments, delivering meaningful jewelry to over 50 countries.

Our affordable prices and unique techniques, along with stellar customer care allow us to connect with people all over the world, from all walks of life.

Our unique and custom made products continue to touch hearts and bring joy to all those who treasure them!

Memories are timeless
treasures of the heart